Holy Thursday

Today was a really good day….. not just because it was the last day of the term but we had an Easter Liturgy and our part was to develop the theme of Holy Thursday.

We took quite a while to think about the different people and what they might have thought about being there at the time. We then wrote from their perspective… asking questions and wondering. We remembered the emotions they might have felt.

The next part was to put this together as a drama involving the whole class and of course we couldn’t all read our writing so we chose what we thought were the best for the purpose.

After we finished we were very please with the final reflection and it was a good length.

We invite you to watch and tell us what you thought.


School Assembly this week

Wow….. it was our class’ turn to host the school assembly this week and what an excellent job all the students did!

We started with a reading from the bible about using the talents we have all been given then 2 people shared the prayers they had written.

We had spent time reviewing the key attributes of e learner at St Patrick’s school and each person in the class had picked an attribute then made a star with a name of another person in the school who they had seen showing the attributes. It was great to see their faces light up as they were chosen.

Next we showed the Samoan Sasa that we have been working on in dance. Our friend Matalena had taught us some of the basic actions and we had looked for ideas from other dances then she helped us put them together to make our own R3 Sasa. It was good the way she told us the stories around the actions so we were not disrespectful to her culture. We did a pretty good job for our first time in front of an audience.

What do you think of our performance? What do you think went well? and what do we have to brush up on?

Watch and enjoy.

Rm 3 Sasa

Something Blue

How can you not have a blue bean bag and couch in the classroom?

A childhood memory

My memory is of living and starting school in Kaikoura. The best memory is of learning to stitch as a 7Yr old and the worst is not knowing where to put my bag on the first day of school. Maybe that’s why I always make sure a new student to the school always knows where everything is on the first day!



From a high angle

There was some confusion when students went out to take photos today……. is the picture from a height or up to a height. Just as well we have these two days next to each other.

This is one of the students pictures.

We talked as a class about what we might do to take a better photo from the same location. It’s good to see people thinking more before they snap photos.